Database Management

HOSTING Database Management Services provide expert database administration and consulting for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL. Make sure the core of your business is protected and optimized at all times – regardless of whether or not you have an in-house DBA resource.


The Explorer level of Application and Database Management Services includes all of the administrative functions fundamentals necessary to sustain your database on a fundamental level, including basic monitoring, alerting, maintenance and backups.

Key Components

  • Availability and System Resource Usage Monitoring
  • System Resource Usage Alerts
  • Alert/Error Log
  • Maintenance Jobs
  • Backups


The Voyager level of Application and Database Management Services takes the safety and security of your database to the next level by including all of the components of Explorer, plus disk layout and management, partition maintenance and script deployment.

Key Components

  • All Components of Explorer (listed above)
  • Patch Investigation, Validation, Application and Management
  • “dot” Release/Service Packs
  • Standard Backup Solution
  • Disk Layout and Management
  • Creation and Reallocation of Database Files
  • Deployment of Client-designed Scripts
  • Partition Maintenance
  • Management of Users, Roles, Profiles, User Groups and Schema Security
  • Standard Maintenance Plans (and Review of Existing)
  • Rebuilt Indices


The Pioneer level of Application and Database Management Services is our most advanced database offering – database nirvana, if you will. It includes all of the components of Explorer and Voyager listed above customized maintenance plans, and advanced performance tuning and cluster and replication management. 

Key Components

  • All Components of Explorer and Voyager (listed above)
  • Major Upgrades
  • Full Database and Partial/Object Refreshes
  • Customized Maintenance Plans
  • Database Instance Configuration/Parameters Tuning
  • Initial Database Assessment and Quarterly Health Check
  • Fragmentation Review
  • Deadlocks Investigation
  • Performance Bottleneck, Problematic SQL and Non-indexed Table Identification
  • Long-running Transactions Investigation
  • Cluster Maintenance, Architectural, Performance and Failover Review
  • Replication Administration, Maintenance and Security
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