Monitoring Insights

HOSTING Monitoring Insights is comprised of monitoring tools and services designed to help you and your team receive actionable information from your entire IT stack across public, private, and hybrid clouds; all within a single pane of glass.


The Explorer service level is the foundation of Monitoring Insights. Explorer provides customers with a monitoring platform and initial on-boarding assistance to ensure all devices are discovered and modeled. This service is for the customer that has sufficient IT staff in-house to monitor, take action on events and build out dashboards but needs the platform without a huge investment. Although this is a self-serviced tier, HOSTING can provide assistance through OnDemand Hours.

Key Components

  • Training and Onboarding
  • Notifications
  • Monitoring Platform Management
  • Device Discovery


The Pioneer level is HOSTING’s premier offering, providing IT visionaries with our most extensive monitoring service. Fully managed by HOSTING, this service level includes the monitoring platform, on-going device discovery, application monitoring setup and expertise, a tailored dashboard package consisting of 5 dashboards, and continued guidance from an assigned Engagement Manager.

Key Components

  • All Components of Explorer (listed above)
  • Guidance and Expertise
  • Application Monitoring
  • OS Monitoring
  • Port/Process Monitoring Setup
  • Application Monitoring Setup
  • Business Insights Review
    • Leadership Dashboard
    • Topology Dashboard
    • Application Performance Dashboard
    • Application Stack Dashboard
    • Executive Summary DashboardDashboard Delivery Including:
  • Event Turning
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