The Services You Need, the Platforms You Want.

Future-focused IT leaders are looking to multi-cloud infrastructure options for their organizations. And why wouldn’t you? Picking and choosing the best platform for each workload is a reality most of us have only dreamed of. But if you move to AWS and Azure, you may be on the cutting edge – but you’re really only outsourcing your data center. This doesn’t solve, or minimize, the true burden on your IT department.

Boredom. Stress. Anxiety. And repeat.

Enter HOSTING Managed Services. If you have applications that need to run in multiple places – and especially if you are in a regulated market or have serious security concerns – HOSTING is the best of the best – and has been since 2008. You may think you’ll be getting time and resources back by moving to a hyperscale provider, but without adding managed services on top – all you’ve really done is outsource your data center. Let us manage all the necessary – but mundane and time-consuming tasks – that have been holding you and your colleagues back from IT supremacy for too long.

You focus on being an IT superstar; we’ll handle the rest.

With us, you’ll get:

  • The quickest speed to market available
  • Immediate access to AWS and Azure experts
  • 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring, protection and support across all platforms
  • Single team support across all platforms
  • Single ‘pane of glass’ view across all platforms
  • The leading HIPAA and PCI compliant solutions, backed by our innovative 100% audit assurance guarantee
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