A Customized and Unified Solution for a Company at the Forefront of Engineering and Construction.

With HOSTING as its data processing and storage partner, B+T Group has dramatically increased the efficiency and efficacy of its next generation site mapping and imagery solution.


Founded in 2000 as a two-man structural engineering firm, B+T Group has grown into a full-service wireless engineering, construction and technical services firm, with capabilities including tower modifications, structural analysis, site acquisition and tower construction. The company is licensed and certified to provide engineering services across the U.S. and is supported by close to 200 employees in six regional offices.

  • The HOSTING solution saves us quite a bit of money compared to other services or us having to process the data internally. Everything is going well; it’s a well-oiled machine.

    Jay Perkins Product Lead


The key issue for B+T was its growing data needs. After launching Site360, its proprietary solution using photogrammetry to deliver detailed cell tower, compound and site information accurately and efficiently, the firm needed to process 1.6 terabytes of data a month to meet its goals. Scaling to meet this new demand quickly became problematic. At a meeting of B+T Group’s board of directors, product lead Jay Perkins presented his case for engaging with a cloud service provider that could “crunch a lot of data.”


B+T Group wanted to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability that a cloud-based solution could offer. Yet neither AWS nor Microsoft Azure alone could provide the data process power required. Leveraging some of the hyperscale services from Azure along with HOSTING cloud infrastructure, the HOSTING team customized a unified cloud solution to enable B+T Group to scale its data processing servers as needed.

Today, B+T Group easily uploads images to a HOSTING data center, designates certain workflow parameters and processes data on a private cloud. The firm also benefits from a custom software program that automates data processing.

The Results

HOSTING initially built a prototype in one of its data centers and challenged B+T Group to “break it” by sending over as much data as possible. The team was up for the task, providing data for approximately four cell sites per day / per server. Not only did the HOSTING solution ably and effectively managed the load. Indeed, it can easily process 450 cell sites a month — and can be ramped up by more than 50% as necessary.

The benefits of the partnership continue to scale with the amount and complexity of data that B+T Group processes.

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